Education is the key to awareness. Please take advantage of resources made available to you regarding the services provided by our AAPHC locations.

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AAPHC is proud to care for our youngest community members!  AAPHC provides Health Centers within some of our Southwest Georgia schools to provide health care for the students, faculty and staff of our area schools. Providing care within the school setting allows for a very hands-on and involved relationship that treats the child as a whole – providing unique care that can improve health outcomes and school performance.  We are very proud of these partnerships! 

  • Albany Middle School-Based Health Center - (229) 405-6235
  • Alice Coachman Elementary School-Based Health Center - (229) 405-6233
  • Dooly County School-Based Health Center - (229) 947-6194
  • Live Oak Elementary School-Based Health Center - (229) 405-6188
  • Robert Harvey Elementary School-Based Health Center - (229) 405-6189
  • Terrell County School-Based Health Center - (229) 405-6238
  • Turner Elementary School-Based Health Center - (229) 435-9934

For more information on the School-Based program or to launch a School Based Health Center at your school, please contact our Administrative Office at 229-888-6559.