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Make the switch to our pharmacy services for added convenience and affordability.

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Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAPHC) has launched our own Pharmacy to better meet the needs of our patients and community members. Located in East Albany, but serving all of Southwest Georgia, we are happy to help you with your prescriptions and refill needs. AAPHC patients are able to get their prescriptions filled right with AAPHC for added convenience and affordability.  Call 229-405-6192 to speak with our Pharmacy staff today.   

Did you know our Pharmacy team can transfer your prescriptions to the AAPHC Pharmacy for you? That's right!  Once you authorize our team to move your medications to the AAPHC Pharmacy, they will handle all of the details for you.  No stress for you!  Additionally, our team can sign you up for FREE home delivery of your prescriptions.  So skip the trip to the Pharmacy and have your medicines delivered right to your home!  

Why choose AAPHC’s Pharmacy Services?

By making the switch to our Pharmacy, some of our patients have already reported seeing their prescriptions drop from $80 a month to $4 a month. Additionally, AAPHC patients also have the added benefit of the Prescription Savings Plan.

Talk to your Provider today about how the AAPHC Pharmacy team can help lower your overall prescription costs. Or, call 229-405-6192 today!