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June 26, 2019 -  Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAPHC) has an important update to our Immunization Policy for our AAPHC Pediatric Offices.

Effectively immediately, all new pediatric patients must receive their scheduled vaccines and immunizations in order to remain a patient with our medical group.  Families who choose not to vaccinate their children will need to find a new pediatrician outside of the AAPHC physician group.
How Does This Affect New AAPHC Pediatric Patients?
Any new pediatric patients will need to receive their scheduled vaccines on time and in compliance with their provider.   If families choose not to vaccinate, then you will need to find a new pediatrician outside of AAPHC.  Additionally, parents will need to complete the Vaccine Refusal form for their child(ren) prior to leaving the practice.
How Does This Affect Current/Established Pediatric Patients?
At this time, current AAPHC pediatric patients will not be affected by the policy.  It is important, however, to note that it’s up to the discretion of each Pediatrician and health care provider within AAPHC if they feel their office can support unvaccinated patients.  Unvaccinated patients may be asked to leave the medical group if it becomes a threat to other patients in the medical office.  Any family who declines vaccinations will need to complete the Vaccine Refusal form annually for AAPHC.
Why Is This Such A Critical Policy Change for Our Pediatric Offices?
More and more physician group across the United States are making similar changes to their policies regarding vaccinations and immunizations for children.   The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also supports such policy changes for pediatric offices and AAP is working with Legislators to ensure vaccines are available to children amidst this “vaccine hesitancy” health crisis. 
We understand that some patients may be frustrated by this change, but this policy change is the right thing to do for our young patients and to protect their safety within our offices.  Our role is to always protect and do our very best when it comes to serving and caring our patients!
AAPHC Will Work with Families to Explain the Importance of Immunizations
AAPHC is making this critical update to our policy to further protect the patients in our offices.  We will be working with our families to explain the policy change and answering any questions parents may have regarding immunizations.  Part of our role will be working to provide correct information to families and fight the amount of misinformation that is too readily available on web sites and social media.
Our AAPHC Physicians, Providers and Leaders feel it’s critical that all pediatric patients receive their scheduled immunizations.   This policy change will ensure that our patients, and our community as a whole, remains safe and protected from illness and disease.
Thank you for your understanding.
Albany Area Primary Health Care
Physicians, Providers, & Executive Team