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June 26, 2019 - It’s official!  The Albany Area Primary Health Care (AAPHC) Pharmacy is now offering FREE home delivery for our patients.  Now you can skip that trip to the pharmacy and have your prescriptions and medicines brought right to your home!

It’s a brand new convenience for our AAPHC patients that launched on Monday, June 24.   Our delivery area includes the Dougherty, Lee, Terrell, Calhoun, Baker and surrounding counties! 
Ready to take advantage of this free service?  To sign up for free home delivery, just call 229-405-6192 and speak with our Pharmacy team. 
Not using the AAPHC Pharmacy yet? No worries!  Our Pharmacy team can also switch your prescriptions from another Pharmacy to the AAPHC Pharmacy.  Then, you qualify for discounted prescriptions and free home delivery!  It’s a win/win for AAPHC patients for sure.
Why choose AAPHC’s Pharmacy?  It’s all about quality, efficiency and cost-savings for our patients.   By making the switch to our Pharmacy, some of our patients have already reported seeing their prescriptions drop from $80 a month to $4 a month.  Additionally, AAPHC patients also have the added benefit of the Prescription Savings Plan.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the FREE home delivery option with the AAPHC Pharmacy today!